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Our Vegan Life formula is 100% natural, has an extremely high digestibility ratio of 98% and is free from any allergens. It has a balanced pH just above 7, contains close to zero sugar and fats (with no saturated fats whatsoever).

If you are tired of dairy and other lactose issues, if you avoid whey for ethical reasons or just want to give your digestive system (and the planet) a rest, then our Vegan life is ideal.

Combining natural non GMO and certified organic plant proteins, with 100% natural flavors and sweeteners, Whey may have been considered the ideal protein for muscle growth, recovery and general protein but the high protein %, lack of cholesterol and saturated fats our Vegan Life means it's a viable alternative.

The Rice and Pea proteins included in Vegan Life are carefully selected and blended to provide the highest nutritional benefits. While vegetable proteins are often incomplete, the combination of Rice and Pea protein results in a product with a very balanced amino acid spread. If you are a vegan or vegetarian or are simply looking for the most nutritious non-animal protein available, our Vegan Life formula is the best choice.

Please note: Rice Protein is considerably higher in Alanine and Methionine and contains Glucoronic Acid Pea Protein contains Glycine which Rice Protein does not and is higher in Glutamic Acid, Leucine and Lysine.

As Vegan Life contains a blend of both proteins, it delivers a more consistent amino acids spread comparable to whey, which most people consider the gold standard in Proteins.

Vegan Life Protien

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