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Nature’s Way True Odourless fish oils are molecularly distilled so you don’t get any fishy taste or reflux.  They are also free from artificial “cover up” chemicals and are polysorbate 80 free, mercury tested and eco friendly.

Omega 3 is essential in the diet. Research has found that diets high in Fish Oil helps support healthy cardiovascular, joint and heart health.  Omega-3 EPA & DHA can help support eye health, brain and nervous system health and can assist in the #maintenance of cholesterol levels within the normal range in healthy individuals.  Fish oil also has known anti-inflammatory properties.

Nature’s Way Triple Strength Fish Oil provides 540mg of omega-3 EPA and 360mg of omega-3 DHA in just one capsule: that’s three times as powerful as regular 1000mg fish oil.


    • Nature’s Way Triple Strength Fish Oil is three times stronger than a regular 1000mg Fish Oil capsule. Try Nature’s Way Triple Strength Fish Oil to help support:

      – Heart health and cholesterol maintenance

      – Brain and eye health

      – Memory and healthy cognitive function

      –  Mild inflammation of arthritis

      – Supporting your baby’s healthy development during pregnancy and breastfeeding

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