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Natural Body Nutrition Thermo Cuts combines the strongest available ingredients, green tea extract, the active ingredients being catechins; sesamin, a lignan extracted from sesame oil; as well as caffeine. Each capsule contains 235mg green tea, 235mg sesamin, 35mg caffeine.

Many users find Thermo Cuts  effective when preparing for competitions when sports specific body composition goals are desired.

Sesamin: is a non-stimulant thermogenic that increases the amount of fat you burn and decreases the amount of fat you store. Sesamin is also a potent anti-oxidant, improves cholesterol levels, increases insulin sensitivity, and aids kidney and liver health

Green tea: has the ability to improve exercise stamina and enhance weight loss, through significant suppression of food intake, and increased in thermogenesis, leading to a reduction in body fat.

Caffeine: has been used by endurance athletes for years as a way to stay alert and improve endurance. It is one of the best-researched nutritional supplements, and the overwhelming scientific evidence suggests that, in moderation, it has no adverse health effects.

Natural Body Nutrition Thermo Cuts carries all the ingredients you want in one single encapsulated formula making losing that stuborn body fat even easier.


Thermo Cuts Fat Burner

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