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Our Test Max combines three potent ingredients, Tribulus Territras, which’s active ingredient is protodioscin, Avena Sativa, a herb derived from oats and Fenugreek, which is a plant in the Fabaceae family.

Note, all of our extracts used are some of the strongest forms available, with the Tribulus being 60-1 form, with avena sativa and fenugreek being the 10-1 forms. Each Capsule contains 240mg Tribulus, 240mg Avena Sativa and 120mg Fenugreek extract.

This product is specifically formulated to assist athletes in achieving greater training performance and a better ability for more frequent training.

Tribulus terrestris is a testosterone boosting herb that was originally seen in use by Bulgarian strength athletes. The herb boosts sex drive and aggression, and reputedly improves male performance in the bedroom. Used in body building, it increases power, endurance and aggression in training, and helps the body to create and tone muscle. Tribulus has been used by many cultures over a long period of time, and for varying reasons. It was used in Greece as a mood enhancer, by Bulgarians as treatment for infertility and as a sex enhancer, and, more recently, by Eastern European athletes as a performance enhancer instead of anabolic steroids.

Avena sativa extract is used as a nervine tonic, and to help with stress and depression. As a whole food it used to regulate digestive function and regulate cholesterol levels and stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels.F

Fenugreek another great testosterone-boosting supplement is fenugreek, an herb from Southern Europe and Western Asia. As with the others on this list, it boosts libido and raises testosterone levels. Another advantage is that fenugreek also increases insulin release, which can help increase muscle mass after weight training. “Your body sends fenugreek through your liver so that it can balance and regulate it,” Kehoe says. This is different from many pharmaceutical forms of testosterone, which are absorbed into the body.


Test Max - Natural Test Booster

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