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  • Milk and Co HER Revitalising Body Wash is a gentle foaming wash designed to keep your skin feeling clean, smooth, moisturised, and lightly scented.

    Caffeine and Black Pepper’s antioxidant properties offer excellent anti-aging benefits by drawing out excess fluids out of cells, creating a tightening and toning effect.

    Not only does Avocado oil help your skin stay smooth, strong and elastic, it calms dry and itchy skin, and even protects your skin against sun damage. 

    Rose Oil rejuvenates and stimulates the skin with its natural antioxidant and astringent agents that help the healing process of scars and wounds.

    Aloe Vera is excellent for hydrating, soothing, and healing the skin due to its combination of a very wide range of goodies including Vitamins A and B, Enzymes, Amino Acids, Proteins, Folic Acid and Triglycerides. 

    Paraben free, vegan, made in Melbourne 100% recyclable packaging
    and not tested on animals.

Revitalising Body Wash - 375ml Write Your Review

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