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**Please Note: Diabetics should use caution when using Nitro Pump AAKG, It has been noted that when blood vessels dilate, glucose levels can drop dramatically, and for most people this is simply replenished from liver stores. Diabetics however, don't have islet cells so the body won't detect the drop and the potential is there for a massive "hypo state" that could lasts for hours. If you are type 1 diabetic and using Nitro Pump AAKG, you may find a much greater need for high GI carbohydrates around this time.

Nitro pump AAKG is Arginine with a malic acid attached. The effects are said to be more pronounced over Arginine HCl, with users gaining advantages in nitric oxide production and oxygen delivery to muscle cells. AAKG Pump can help give users higher energy levels in the gym and create a “pump’ effect.

AAKG's full name is arginine alpha-ketoglutarate and it is often used by bodybuilders and anyone who trains hard in the gym as a powerful nutritional supplement which boosts energy and power.

The body uses AAKG to release and mobilise usable energy from stored calories. This energy combines within the body with natural stores of ammonia to create glutamic acid. Glutamic acid is a natural precursor of glutamine, an important amino acid which is crucial to muscle gain and muscle retention.

AAKG is often found in pre-workout supplements, and for good reason. It acts as a cell volumiser and most people can physically feel and visibly see this effect when they take Nitro Pump AAKG supplement before training. Nitro Pump AAKG is also a powerful NO2 transporter and helps improve the delivery of l-arginine within the body.

Arginine is one of the essential amino acids and has a massive number of vital roles in the body. One of them is protein synthesis, making arginine supplementation critically important for bodybuilders, athletes and anyone looking to build muscle and lose body fat without sacrificing lean tissue.

Nitric oxide (NO2) is a powerful vasodilator, highly valued by bodybuilders for creating an intense pump that helps to swell muscles and exaggerate vascularity. AAKG supplements give most people a visibly increased muscular pump and a pumped-up feeling during training.

With Nitro Pump AAKG formula, you will get a superior blend of AAKG which will give noticeable effects from the first time you use it. It also means you will only need a small dose to feel the effects, saving you cash in the long-term.

Nitro Pump AAKG

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