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Our 100% Micellar Casein is from Australian Grass Fed cows and is completely undenatured. Micellar Casein is best used as a slow release protein source as it can deliver amino acids to the body for up to 12 hours. Slower release proteins such as Micellar Casein have shown to be both very effective at anabolism (muscle building) as well as preventing muscle wastage (catabolism). For this reason it is very effective as a “night” protein if had before bed or anytime during the day when frequent meals aren’t possible. Micellar casein is a popular choice for the final meal before bed, or as a snack during the day between meals.

Natural Body Nutrition Casein is unique in that digestion causes it to dramatically slow down, providing a trickle-feeding effect over a long period of time.

Micellar Casein protein is digested slowly and absorbed over a number of hours, keeping you in a healthy anabolic state over a long period. This prevents muscle tissue from potentially being broken down and keeps it primed for growth.

Micellar Casein 100%

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