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  • Karibee's TA35+ Honey Mask contains a variety of natural active ingredients. This mask is suitable for skin recovery and moisturization. The unique micro-molecular structure of this mask can quickly penetrate deep into the skin, enhance the skin's moisture and elasticity. In order to restore skin fullness, it can promote cell growth, improve skin's luster and elasticity, reduce aging and other effects, such as fine lines, to create a healthier, younger appearance. Jarrah honey is an Australian national treasure honey product, honey contains a variety of Acidic substances, these substances have a strong bactericidal effect, combined with their moisturizing, nutrient and other effects, can effectively remove or reduce facial acne, acne, help eliminate dark spots and other facial spots. Anti-inflammatory, sun drying After the repair has a good repair effect!

    Karibee's TA35+ Honey Mask

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