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High dose Vitamin D and K for calcium absorption plus iodine for proper functioning of the thyroid gland

  • Helps calcium absorption
  • High dose Vitamin D3 (1000IU)
  • Iodine from seaweed Kelp and Potassium Iodide for thyroid health
  • Vitamin K1, to assist in the formation of proteins for the structural matrix of bones
  • Assists in the proper functioning of the thyroid gland for regulation of metabolism
  • Helps maintain and support a healthy immune function
  • Aids in the maintenance of general well being

One in four Australians are Vitamin D deficient which can lead to exhaustion, muscle soreness and occasionally depression. This is the only formula on the market with high potency Vitamin D plus iodine (sourced from seaweed for thyroid support).

Hivita Daily D + Iodine

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