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How it works


  • Maintain urinary tract health and help reduce the risk of cystitis
  • Discourage harmful bacteria adhering to the urinary tract
  • Help reduce urinary pH
  • Mask urinary odours associated with incontinence and cystitis
  • Cranberry has antioxidant properties



Take 1 capsule daily with food or as recommended by your healthcare professional.


If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional. If pain or irritation persists for more than 48 hours consult your doctor. The presence of blood in the urine warrants immediate medical attention.

No added yeast, starch, gluten, lactose, artificial colours or flavours, artificial sweeteners or dairy products.

High Strength Cranberry 50000

    1. Cranberry works by inhibiting the adherance of bacteria to the surface of the bladder and urinary tract walls. It also has been shown to reduce urinary pH and maintain urinary tract health. For this reason cranberry may be indicated to help in the prevention of urinary tract infections like cystitis.

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