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Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in the body. Over 60% of skeletal muscle is glutamine, while around 20% of glutamine is nitrogen. This makes glutamine the body’s prime transporter of nitrogen to muscle cells.

We can get l-glutamine from meats, fish and other wholefoods but it is very difficult to take in the optimum nutritional amounts from food alone (and would be very costly and calorific). Using a quality, pharmaceutical grade l-glutamine supplement like 100% Glutamine is considered vital by hard-training strength and power athletes and anyone wanting to maximise muscle gain

Glutamine has so many important functions in the human body, one would think Glutamine would be a part of everybody's diet. It has long been used in hospitals for patients suffering from burns, wounds and bacterial infections. Glutamine is even helpful for the elderly as is works very well as a natural remedy for muscular pains, cramps and soreness

After intense training, glutamine levels are heavily depleted in the body. By supplementing with glutamine, recovery can be enhanced. Glutamine can also be used by the body as a primary source of energy for the immune system and directly for energy when glycogen levels are low. During periods of exertion the body’s immune system is under greater stress, so having 100% Glutamine daily can help strengthen immune function and recovery


100% Glutamine

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