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AliveCor Mobile & Wireless Veterinary Heart Monitor (ECG) brings quality heart care to the palm of your hand.

Why use

  • AliveCor Mobile & Wireless Veterinary Heart Monitor (ECG) provides the following features and benefits:

    Portable and convenient

    No leads and no shaving required. Screen dogs, cats and horses faster than ever.

    Accurate and powerful

    Veterinary and clinical testing demonstrates rate and rhythm accuracy.

    Accessible anywhere

    Store ECGs in the app and securely in the cloud for later retrieval, emailing or printing.


    User friendly with the option to input notes, patient name and ID, species, breed, date of birth, and owner/client name.

  • Low cost and high value

    Less expensive than regular ECG machines, the Veterinary Heart Monitor gives you instant, portable screening access for all your patients.

    How to Use

    1. The Device

    The Veterinary Heart Monitor snaps onto your phone like a case and wirelessly communicates with the app on your phone. No pairing between your iPhone and the Heart Monitor is required.

    2. The App

    The Veterinary AliveECG app is available for download from the Apple App Store for FREE. Once in the app, create an account and you’re ready to begin recording ECGs.

    3. The Web

    All uploaded ECGs are available “in the cloud” anytime, anywhere, with secure online access.

Mobile & Wireless Veterinary Heart Monitor (ECG)

  • AliveCor Vet is a mobile and wireless veterinary heart monitor that can produce ECGs in the palm of your hand via your iPhone. Sold in veterinary clinics only.

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