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Essential 6 spot-on for horses provides a tested and proven solution for minor cutaneous problems and their consequences. It maintains the integrity of the hydrolipid film, possesses anti-free radical capacities and reinforces the hydration of the skin.

Why use

  • Dermoscent® Essential 6 spot-on for horses provides the following features and benefits:


  • Formulated with 100% natural ingredients
  • Supports the hydrolipidic film of the horse skin and maintains optimal hydration
  • Favours cutaneous eco-system balance and reinforces skin defences (epidermal barrier function)
  • Purifies skin and helps to cool
  • Recommended as a preventative care for horses presenting minor cutaneous disorders
  • Fragrance free and hypoallergenic.
    When to use
  • For horses with cutaneous problems such as:Dandruff,Dry/brittle/breaking hair,Oily coatImbalanced cutaneous floraEssential 6® spot-on for horses enables to decrease shampoo frequency and substitute daily intake of essential fatty acids (omega 6-3).

Dermoscent® Essential 6 Horse

  • A multifunctional skin care product for horses, with a formula based on 100% natural ingredients

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